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Jonathan Rayner

PCN Pharmacist at Walker Medical Group


Hi, my name is Jonny and I am a clinical pharmacist currently working at Walker Medical Group. I qualified as a pharmacist in 2019 having done my training at NuTH and then carried on as a rotational pharmacist for 12 months where I gained experience in general medicine, general surgery and neurosurgery.

team-member-photo Jonathan Rayner

What I Do

I began my current post in late 2020 where I was first based at Newcastle Medical Centre in a varied role where I carried out structured medication reviews as well as more targeted asthma reviews and mental health reviews. I moved over to Walker early in 2021.

How I Support Patients

If you take regularly prescribed medication, you might be invited by your practice for a medication review with me. I am passionate about shared decision making, medication safety and improving outcomes for patients.