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Chenyelu Ogbummor

PCN Pharmacist at Biddlestone Health Group


I’m Chichi and I’ve been working at Biddlestone at PCN Pharmacists since 2020.

team-member-photo Chenyelu Ogbummor

What I Do

Prior to that, I worked in Community Pharmacy and started my non-medical prescribing as I wanted to move into primary care. Currently on the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway, supporting Biddlestone with their asthma and COPD reviews.

How I Support Patients

I work directly with patients as part of your GP practice team. If you have a long-term condition like diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), then you might be invited to a review with me. Reviews are desgned to yus to discuss how you are getting on, and if we can make any changes to make managng your condition easier.