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Getting your NHS data with a Subject Access Request

You have a right to see your complete medical records and how the NHS has shared your information.

There are different ways to do this.


Your Medical Records

Your complete medical records, including copies of letters sent to and from us, scans, x-rays and notes, are held by your GP practice. The records include details of any care or treatment you have received in hospitals or elsewhere in the NHS.

You have a right to request this information, and GP practices are obliged to show it to you.

To get this information, please either speak to the practice team or use our online services.

If you have previously registered for online services with your GP, you can simply log in and see your records, including details of previous appointments, medications, tests results and vaccines.

If you haven’t logged in previously, you will need to register an account to gain access. To do this, go to your GP’s online access page.

The same information is also available through the NHS App. You can find details of how to download, register, login and access your records on the NHS app here.

You will also have a Summary Care Record (SCR) unless you have explicitly chosen not to have one.

An SCR holds vital information about your medical history, medications, allergies and any previous bad reactions. It is available to anyone involved in your care and helps NHS staff make the best decisions for your health.

SCRs are not currently available online, so please speak to the practice team if you would like to see yours.


Information held by NHS Digital

NHS Digital also collects are stores patient information for research and planning purposes.

As with information held by your GP, you have a right to request this information and be shown it. 

Often this information is kept in coded formats rather than readable text, but you will be given a list of what those codes mean.

To get access to this coded statistical information, you will need to submit a Subject Access Request.

NHS Digital have a subject access form that you can complete and submit by email to

Please be aware you will need to supply various pieces of information and documents to prove your identity. You can find full details of what you need to do to submit a subject access request on the NHS Digital website.