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Support for Carers


Across the UK, around one in every eight people act as unpaid carers – that’s around 6.5 million people in total.

Over 1 million of us have caring responsibilities for more than one person, and 1.3 million provide more than 50 hours of care per week, essentially making it a full-time job.

For carers, balancing their caring responsibilities, their work, and their own lives and health can be challenging.

Support is available through health, social care and the 3rd sector to make sure carers receive the support and resources they need to look after themselves and others. 

Financial support for carers 

If you spend 35 hours a week or more and are aged over 16, then you can claim the Carer’s Allowance. Age UK has produced a fact sheet which details eligibility and explains how to make a claim.

You can find more information and advice on the InformationNOW website.

In Newcastle, there is also a Carers Wellbeing Fund. An unpaid carer who supports a family member, friend or neighbour can apply for a grant of up to £200 to improve their health and wellbeing.

Additional Support

Newcastle City Council can carry out a Carer’s Assessment to see if carers are eligible for any additional support.

The assessment, usually done by a Social Worker, will talk to you generally about your caring responsibilities, how it affects your feelings, work and relationships and other aspects of your life.

Support could be available to you to help reduce the impact caring has on you. 

Newcastle Carers have a wealth of information covering support groups, counselling, respite care and more.

Please let your practice know if you are a registered carer as this will be noted on your medical records. This is important for things such as accessing Covid Vaccination and staff being aware of any pressure you may be under.