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Behind the scenes of a GP practice. Come and meet the team.

Did you know that, as well as Doctors, other health professionals in GP Practice can help you get the right care?

General Practice teams included people like nurses, paramedics, and clinical pharmacists. 

However, a recent survey found that many people don’t realise that roles like mental health practitioners, physiotherapists, and social prescribers are also available.

The NHS has made a new film to help explain more. In it, three curious children go behind the scenes at a GP practice. 

It begins with the kids being met by a Reception team member. She explains how asking patients questions is how she knows the best person to help.

The children are then introduced to other people working in the GP practice. 

A Social Prescriber explains her role in giving practical support to people, from filling out forms to making social connections.

The practice Physiotherapist talks about people coming to see him rather than a GP. A bicycle-riding Paramedic explains how visiting patients at home is essential for their care.

Finally, a Mental Health Practitioner talks with the kids about looking after our minds and bodies.

The film shows the real-life process patients go through when they contact their GP practice: From the reception team using the information patients give to being directed to the proper health professional for the care they need.

Doctors are always available to see you when needed, but other team members may also be able to help.

Having a range of health professionals at your general practice means you can receive the right care for your condition as quickly as possible.

Your general practice team is here to help you. You can visit to find out more, or meet the Practice team here at Newcastle East by visiting the Our People page.